Disney Characters Who Exist in Real Life

#7 Christopher Robin

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Winnie the Pooh is written by A.A. Milne. It is a story about Pooh and his friends like Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo, and Owl who lives in Hundred Acre Wood. All those characters are taken care by a boy named Christopher Robin who is a good friend of them all. Do you know that Christopher Robin is actually a real boy? He is the real son of the author, A.A. Milne. The author decided to let his son be a part of his classic story. On Christopher Robin’s first birthday, Milne gave him a teddy bear named Edward. This bear was two feet tall, had light color, and often lost his eyes. This teddy bear was also the real inspiration of Winnie the Pooh. As Christopher Robin grew up, he did not like to be a character in his father’s story because his friends always teased him as a child since Winnie the Pooh is a story identical to children.