Best Places to Travel To Before You Die

#3 Rome

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Ciao! Boy, do I love the food from Rome. The home of the spaghetti! All types of pasta are just phenomenal. Make sure you eat as much pasta as you can! And of course, gelato! Rome has the best gelato one can dream of. There are so many unique flavors that you wouldn’t even think that they are flavors! Visit the Colosseum! It’s so beautiful and has so much history in it. It may not seem as interesting, but you’re in Rome- it’s a must to see it! Also, visit the Trevi Fountain. That fountain is just pure beauty. You’ll never see something so beautiful. Throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish! It just might come true. Visit the Vatican, as well! Did you know that it is the smallest city in the world??? And of course, shopping! Go to Via Condotti! There are sooooo many shops there. I’m sure you’ll find anything you’re looking for. In the middle of Via Condotti, are the Spanish Steps. Make sure you visit that too! It’s a great place to take photos. Rome is such a beautiful and romantic place to be. Remember the Lizzie McGuire movie? Maybe you will become an international popstar and fall in love too!