No Heat Hairstyles

#3 Messy Buns

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Messy buns are probably the hardest to accomplish as ironic as it may sound. Between trying to get the perfect amount of “messy” or keeping it in between the “I meant to do this” look or “I had a long night last night” look can be super hard to do. It just takes experimenting. You can choose to do a messy sock bun, messy top knot, or messy low bun is up to you and whatever you feel will go with your outfit or look for that day. My suggestion is to start by making a neat bun and slowly progress into a messy bun by pulling out small pieces from the ends of your hair. Always have bobby pins at hand as well, trust me, they will come in handy when you accidentally tug on the wrong chunk of hair. Hair spray and teasing will help a lot with volume and the messiness of the bun.